WhyNotGolf Features & Benefits

WhyNotGolf has the most competitive pricing in the industry.  No other company combines the many features for as low of a price as WhyNotGolf.

Example: $100 Per Golfer Registration


$3.99 (Paid by Player) Player Fee $1.99 (Paid by Player)
0% Credit Card Fee 3%
2.9% Site/Admin Fee 2.5%

Pricing Breakdown

$103.99 Player Pays $101.99
$0.00 Credit Card Fee $3.00
$3.02 Site/Admin Fee $2.50
$96.98 Amount Received Per Golfer $94.50
$302.00 Tournament Cost For 100 Players $550.00

Features Comparison

Customizable Tournament Page
 Sell Registration On Your Page
 Unlimited Product Types
 Request Payouts Before Event End
 Player Management Console
 Automatic Charitable Receipts Sent
 Ask For Players Shirt Sizes, Handicap, Etc.
 Golf Reports, ie Check-In, Groupings
Choose 2-6 Players In A Group
Prizes To Entice More Social Shares
 Easy Payment Email Reminders
Created JUST For Golf Tournaments 

WhyNotGolf was created specifically to help golf tournaments with the registration process and to make it easier to sign up golfers. Our many features rival sites like Eventbrite®, while costing less. For your next tournament, use WhyNotGolf and see how much time and effort you will save!

WhyNotGolf LLC is not associated or affiliated with Eventbrite®. The above information is provided by WhyNotGolf LLC for comparison purposes only.

The WhyNotGolf Convenience Fee is applied to every player that’s managed in the Player Management area. The $3.99* Convenience Fee can be paid by the player or the tournament. It is up to each tournament to decide who pays the fee.