WhyNotGolf.com makes it easier than ever to manage and run a golf tournament! With our online payment portal and player management system, we save tournament organizers many hours of time and headaches.

We also make it easier than ever to attract more golfers to your tournament. By utilizing our integrated social media sharing capabilities, your custom web page on WhyNotGolf.com will turn your golfers into a marketing team for your tournament. We know that it’s hard to get people to share sometimes, so our site offers people a chance to win golf related prizes just for sharing your tournament to their friends and the public .

Finally, we handle all the payments from golfers and we even pay the course for you if you need us to. Our site also keeps track of all tournament money in real time, so you can see exactly where you are in terms of finances.

Yes! When registering your tournament, you can create any kind of custom product through WhyNotGolf.com. Anything from raffle tickets to mulligrams or just a standard donation can go through our site.

It takes about 15 minutes to set up a tournament on WhyNotGolf.com and it is very easy to create your own personal web page. You are able to select your own URL extension on our site. Example: www.whynotgolf.com/yourtournamentnamehere:

You will need to setup your Payment Settings in the Tournament Management area. We will dispurse your payment after the tournament has concluded.

Yes, WhyNotGolf.com generates an automatic charitable receipt for any qualified 501 (c) (3) organization. When registering your tournament on our site, simply enter your 501 (c) (3) number and charity name. Then have a qualified person at the charity digitally sign stating that you authorize us to send automatic charitable receipts.

We do not charge a fee to set up a tournament on WhyNotGolf.com, but we do have a convenience fee of $3.99 per golfer. This fee can be charged to the golfer (ex: $100 tournament entry fee + $3.99 = $103.99) or the tournament can pay the fee per golfer.

We do not charge a credit card fee. Typical online payment providers charge anywhere from 2.7-3.9% in credit card fees. We don’t charge these fees. We do charge an admin fee of 2.9% per transaction that covers the cost of our software.

We do not offer refunds as we are booking spots in golf tournaments, where in most cases the money is being donated to charity. If you do need a refund, contact the tournament organizer and see what their refund policies are.

You will receive an email every time someone purchases any product on our site. From registration to sponsorship products to mulligans, every time there is a purchase, you will know.

How do I upload sponsor logos?

To upload sponsor logos, go to the tournament management section and click the button: LOGOS.

How do I edit my tournament details?

To edit any tournament web page information, simply login and go to tournament management. Then click the “edit tournament” button and you will be able to edit your tournament page.

How do I add golfers who have paid offline?

To add players who may have paid by check or cash off line, login to tournament management and click PLAYERS. Once there, click add a new group on the top right. Any player you add manually will be in blue, so you know they have paid offline. *players who pay offline will incur a $3.99 convenience fee to the tournament.