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As a WhyNotGolf Referral Partner, you will be able to monitor the amount of users you sign up, as well as how many tournaments those users have created. You will also be able to see your live commissions on every Convenience Fee generated from your referrals. There is absolutely no cost to you to be a WhyNotGolf Referral Partner and the earning potential is substantial!

Let's do the math...

If you send us 10 users that run 10 tournaments through WhyNotGolf you can get.

$150 X 10 = $1,500
$150 X 25 = $3,750
$150 X 50 = $7,500
$150 X 100 = $15,000

$150 X 1000 = $150,000


Numbers are based off of tournaments that are sold out & have 144 players registered. Tournaments may have MORE or less players depending on the tournament. A residual based tournament is a tournament that is run again the following year.

How Does The Referral Partner Program Actually Work?

Utilizing our sophisticated WhyNotGolf software, you acquire new users with your Referral Partner referral link who then create and run their golf tournaments on the WhyNotGolf platform. You then receive 30% of ALL WhyNotGolf Convenience Fees for each user’s tournaments you refer to WhyNotGolf!

Banner And Creatives To Get You Started!

Using your normal Referral Partner credentials, log in to the Referral Partner Portal using the button below. You will then have access to a variety of banners in the creatives section which you can use to advertise WhyNotGolf's tournament services on your own website OR any other approved advertising means you'd like. Remember: the more users you refer that run tournaments through WhyNotGolf, the bigger the rewards!


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